What I Do

Among many other things that I occupy my time with, I read and listen to music. A lot. My book library is larger than some small public libraries and my music collection has exploded in the last four years.  Monthly I receive new books and music from the authors and musicians. I am honored and thankful that they want to send me their works. That is why I have decided to start this blog.

There are hundreds, even thousands, of blogs out there that review either books or music. Some of them even combine those two topics into one blog. I’ve even written some of those blogs, or submitted articles to their owners. So what makes this one different? I take a different look at what I read and listen to than many of the amateur reviwers in the interwebs. I try to look at the works from the perspective of the potential audience. I’m not a professional, I don’t get paid for any of this.

I often receive the music or books because of my work in radio and internet broadcasting. Musicians and their promoters send me CDs or digital downloads. Authors and publishers send me hard copy or ebooks. I sometimes solicit the works, but they are usually sent to me without any effort on that end. I put the real effort in when I read or listen to the work.

My book tastes vary through almost all genres, as you will see by reading the reviews you will find here. My music taste is a bit more specific, though I am open to almost anything. As my radio and internet broadcasts are focused on Paganism and LBGTQ+ issues you will find that most of the music I review here will be somehow connected to those areas. For the most part, anything goes.

Check out the About page on this blog for details about the broadcasting and other projects I am involved in. For now, it is time to dive into a good book while listening to some excellent tunes!


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