Addison & Cantor, Music of and for the Goddess

Two very talented musicians released Goddess centered/themed CDs in March. Lis Addison and Annette Cantor.  Both CDs are beautiful in their own way and feature music of and for the Goddess. I say “of and for” because these two women seem to be truly inspired by the feminine divine, whether they are Pagan or something else. The feeling I get as I listen to their music is so moving, so spiritual. It awakens something within me that is truly amazing. And I hope that it will do the same for you.

Crown in the Sky big

Crown in the Sky is the latest from Lis Addison. And it is a little different from some of her earlier work. It still makes me want to get up and dance, but not in the same way that Grace of the Green Leaf does. Much of Lis’s recent work has centered around a Nature theme in the song titles, or around the sense of Community that one can build both with people and with Nature. She also uses her KiVo experience (she teaches KiVo, a type of meditation in movement exercise) to inspire her work and her life.

From track one with Voice of the Free all the way through the

Lis Addison in studio

final cut of Mother Gaia, the listener is inspired to move, to dance, to vocalize their love of the Earth, the Divine and of themselves. Look Into Your Eyes (track 3) encourages the listener to take themselves into account, to take themselves to task if necessary, but to learn to recognize the good in themselves before looking outside for that which they desire, want or need. Hearts & Bones (track 5) reminds the listener that everything is connected, the people, the animals, the plants, the planets; everything.

Songs to the Goddess

Songs to the Goddess is my new favorite from Annette Cantor. Not just because it is her newest CD, but because it sings to the feminine divine in all things and all beings. Starting with her song to Tara going through Spider Woman and Yemana through to Demeter and Venus. Every track will summon up an image of the Goddess that the song is about. The weekend after the CD arrived in my mail box was a cold and wintry wet Sunday. I was at KZUM doing Murphy’s Magic Mess and we were trying to decide which track to begin with. Kate, one of the cohosts of the Mess, suggested we play Demeter as a means of reminding her that Spring should be right around the corner. It was still wet, it was still cold, but we felt warmer and happier in the studio after listening to the music.Annette Cantor

Annette’s voice fills the space around you with ethereal chords and takes you a little

deeper into the understanding of the Goddess within yourself. Does not matter if you are a woman or a man, these tracks will light that spark within you, or rekindle it from the cold, and remind you that the Goddess is within you and within everything. Listening to Songs to the Goddess is like taking a journey around the world and visiting Goddesses from many different cultures.

If you would like to purchase either CD, simply click on the CD covers and you will be taken to the best available source of ordering the music. Keep your eyes open for reviews of some of both artists’ earlier work and for more music and book reviews from your’s truly!



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