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Deep Theta 2.0

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I often receive new age instrumentals in the mail. Everything from Paradiso & Rasamayi to ambient sounds from artists like Aetopus. In August I got a copy of Steven Halpern’s Deep Theta 2.0.

Halpern’s music style has been called “brainwave entertainment”. With his first album released in 1975, Chakra Suite, he set the stage for a new sub-genre in new age instrumental music. Focusing on the brain is something that many musicians have been doing since the 70’s. Dr. Michael Brant DeMaria is a prime example of that. But let’s focus on Halpern in this review. It is about his newest release, after all.

Deep Theta 2.0: Brainwave Entertainment Music for Meditation and Healing: With bamboo flutes and keyboards, Halpern takes you into a unique brainwave state on the Theta level. 2.0 is a Deep Theta 2.0 - Steven Halperncompanion to his earlier release of Deep Alpha. Both put the listener into the proper state for deep relaxation and better mental health.

Each track is titled Deep Theta 2.0. In 13 parts you have the opportunity relax, mediate, or go into a deep sleep. Thought the track titles might not be very creative, the music is. The bamboo flutes trigger a mental response that is only found through that instrument. A silver flute, a wood flute, just about any other flute has a different mental response. Where the bamboo flute takes a person is so much different from other types that it cannot be explained in words.

The keyboards are a simple, yet evocative, addition to the musical theme. They take one step deeper into your relaxation.

I’ve personally found this CD, and others by Halpern, to be a good way to calm the nerves and relax the body. His music has aided me in avoiding the need for medication for my blood pressure. Though I would caution any blood pressure patient to seek medical advice and not use music as the sole means of controlling the issue. I’ve also found that the music inspires me to write and to take a a moment or several to enjoy what is going on around me.

Like most other new age instrumental music, I would suggest that you not listen to Steven Halpern’s CDs while driving. The mental state the music puts you into is deeply relaxing and can distract from driving and other attention intensive activities. But if you are wanting to relax, meditate or have a good night’s sleep – even a short nap, this kind of music is perfect for that.

As a radio host, I do find it a challenge to find instrumental music of this kind that works on the radio. Not only because many of my listeners may be on the road and I do not want to distract them from driving, but because many new age instrumentalists have low notes, slow notes, or even silent notes (pauses) in their compositions. That doesn’t work with radio very well. However, for internet broadcasting it is nearly ideal.

Take a listen to the first track from Steven Halpern’s Deep Theta 2.0 in this YouTube video: 


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