Sing Me Malaise – Rosin Coven

Rosin Coven - Sing Me MalaiseOnce in a while a musician or band will send an email to our music director at KZUM inquiring which show their music might fit in with. In August of 2013 that very thing happened.

Rosin Coven reached out to Murphy’s Magic Mess through our music director. She forwarded their email on to us to see if we might be interested in the music. I took a look and a listen and thought, “Of course!”

Cabaret style Pagan music is something that you don’t hear very often (Frenchy and the Punk, when recording as the Gypsy Nomads, being another example). This San Francisco, CA based band definitely fits that bill. Their newest release Sing Me Malaise is lively, thought provoking and different from most anything that has come across our mixing board in some time.Rosin Coven - in the trees - b-w

Listening to Sing Me Malaise makes me want to get up and dance. Not the best thing to do while trying to write, but it happens. The cats are giving me strange looks as I try to chair dance and type without too many errors. It is quite the sight, I am sure. The beats and notes help tell the story of the words. The auditory alchemy of the music is evocative of traditional cabaret, but the added darkness to certain pieces, or the lively humor of others, is something that is purely Pagan in feel.

The more I listen to Rosin Coven the more I am reminded of the movie (and stage production) Gypsy. Which makes perfect sense. Gypsy is a story about a family that started in Vaudeville and wound up in burlesque. Both styles of entertainment are related to Cabaret. I can even see Bette Midler strutting around on stage to some of the marvelous songs on this CD.


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