Star Trek: New Frontier: Treason

I’ve long been a fan of the Star Trek universe. One of the few non-educational TV shows we were allowed to watch growing up in rural Colorado was the original Star Trek series. My dad was a big sci-fi fan, not the dress up as a Klingon and go to a convention kind of fan. But the kind that watched the same episodes over and over again, introducing his kids to shows like Star Trek, Doctor Who, Blake’s 7, and more. My love of sci-fi hasn’t diminished over the years and finding a break away series like New Frontier by Peter David was truly exciting when it first launched several years ago.

Treason is the latest of that series that I have read. I know, I am woefully behind on my Star Trek books. You have to pick and choose with so much in the way of good books out there. Somehow, when I found a copy of this book at a sci-fi con in Lincoln I was lucky that it was the very next in the series from where I had left off!

Robyn Lefler, the widow of Thallonian Ambassador Si Cwan, is alone on New Thallon with her sister-in-law and pregnant with Si’s child. Her mother, who just happens to be the mind of the Excalibur, fights for her child’s safety while the captain’s son fights for the mind of his beloved – Kalinda, Csi’s sister. Cpt. Calhoun finds himself on a mad-dash rescue mission after the birth of Robyn’s son. The child has been kidnapped by an apparently mad Vulcan, the ship’s CMO who is attempting to save the life of her own son. Admiral  Shelby, Calhoun’s wife and commander of a starbase, finds herself in the thick of things as first officer Kat Mueller and former Starfleet officer-turned Romulan spy Soleta band together to save their friend and her child from imminent death.

Travel with the crew of the Excalibur as they fight to save the lives of their crew mate and the newborn leader of the New Thallonian Alliance. This battle of virtue and preservation takes place on the physical, mental, and emotional planes. You’ll meet a new race that claims to aid in the advancement of all races, as well as get a grasp on what it means to be a family – even when that family consists of diverse galactic races that are often at odds with each other.

Taking you on an adventure not only of space, Missing in Action gives the reader an opportunity to explore the inter-personal dynamics of Vulcan families, an understanding of how an AI can still have feelings for her human child, and the trials of a ship’s captain as he deals with the politics of a newly formed alliance while juggling his own family struggles with his superior officer wife and his renegade son. Even if you’ve not read all the New Frontier books, you can get a grasp of what is going on in this riveting novel. Unlike TOS, TNG, DS9 and Voyager novels that happen after those respective TV series concluded, New Frontier is a series that I would recommend you read in order from the beginning. The ongoing character development and the relationships between the various characters is better understood when you read them all. With only two main characters that were introduced through the various TV series (Admiral Elisabeth Shelby, first appearing as Commander Shelby in TNG‘s “Best of Both Worlds 1 & 2”; Morgan Primus, introduced in TOS as Yoeman Janice Rand), these characters are a mass of xenobiology that just can’t be beat.


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