Primordial Sonics – David Vito Gregoli

I just love it when I get introduced to a musician! David Vito Gregoli, or Vito Gregoli as some know him, is a master of music. The first of his CDs I heard was Primodorial Sonics. And let me tell you, I’m eager for more!

Combing several genres of music, this new age master piece will amaze the listener. From Raga to Raggae, Vito takes you for a jaunt inside the primordial being that all of us. Categorized on CDBaby as New Age: Ethnic Fusion, this disc is definitely a fusion of multiple styles and a trip around the world of aboriginal music. You might recognize some of the tracks as something else, like the first track “Rag Klem”. “Rag Klem” is a re-orchestration of “My Darling Clementine”. Fusing his experience over decades of music, Vito combines classic rock styles with the aboriginal sounds of India, Australia and the Middle East.

This kind of fusion is a personal favorite of mine, it brings a depth to the music that just isn’t there when a musician limits themselves to just one cultural influence. Having received this in my collection around Midsummer last year, it is fitting for me to add the review this Midsummer weekend. I’m certainly enjoying revisiting the music of Vito Gregoli!

Nominated  for the 2013 Best Chill/Groove Album by Zone Music Reporter, Vito’s CD is a truly groovy CD to chill out with. At KZUM‘s Murphy’s Magic Mess we enjoyed playing it during the summer of 2013 and kept it in our rotation for the rest of the year.


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