Frenchy and the Punk – Elephant Uproar

Once known as The Gypsy Nomads, Frenchy and the Punk have been making music and magic for some time, both solo and together. I’ve had the joy of seeing them live at a local coffee house and I’ve had the pleasure to interview them for my music podcast, Musica Pagani.

Elephant Uproar is their 2013 release, and it is quite the CD. Mainly a drumming CD, but with a distinctly cabaret style to the drumming. Not quite what I was expecting when the CD promotion started. But I am not disappointed!

They launched the CD while at one of the many conventions they travel to. Steampunk, Sci-Fi, all kinds of conventions. Their launch video was Rock, Paper, Scissors – a favorite game and something that you might recall being augmented through the popular TV series Big Bang Theory. MAYBE you’ll hear that tune being played someday on that or another TV show. From what I could tell, the fans loved the song and they certainly seem to love Sam and Scott!

You may recognize a tune or two from earlier releases by F&P or their former name Gypsy Nomads, but from a purely instrumental perspective each piece is unique unto itself.

Take a dance with a Matador in the first track followed by an honoring of the divine Isis in track two. With track three you’ll go on a Carnival ride while playing  Rock, Paper, Scissors (lizard, Spock) with number four. The title track at position #5 will take you for a ride on the Orient Express and then you will settle down with the Dust and the Sand of the Caravan in track seven. The Blacksmith  in #8 will take you a merry Chase (#9) for the Celtic Sprite (#10) and finally you will rest with the Specter in the final track as you contemplate the Forest and the Sea.

1. Nevermore The Matador
2. Isis Rising
3. Carnival
4. Rock Paper Scissors
5. Elephant Uproar
6. Orient Express
7. Dust and Sand In The Caravan
8. Blacksmith
9. The Chase
10. The Celtic Sprite
11. Specter Of The Forest And Sea



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