Along the Wheel of Time by Judith Laxer

It is not very often that a publisher or an author reaches out to me personally to read a book for review. Sure, there are publishers who send me books all the time, but rarely do I get personal emails prior to receiving the book. The marketing manager for BookTrope‘s Along the Wheel of Time project did contact me in advance of the book going to press on 5 June 2014. It took me a little while to get around to reading the book, though. I have to admit that I neglected reading it until shortly before my opportunity to interview the author, Rev. Judith Laxer.

You can listen to that interview to learn about the author.

Review: Along the Wheel of Time: Sacred Stories for Nature Lovers is a collection of eight short stories that journeys around the wheel of the year starting with Samhain and continuing through Mabon. Laxer hopes that many readers will “read the story for the each Sabbat year after year.” The book can be read straight through or by starting with the story that relates to the Sabbat closest to you on the calendar. There are no dates listed for the Sabbats, just a feel for each time of year. That said, there is a brief description of each of the Sabbats at the beginning of the story’s section for those who may not be of a Paggan or Earth-spiritual path. Written in such a way, it doesn’t matter which side of the Equator you live on, the stories can be read as appropriate to your situation.

We start out with Samhain, where a young woman follows her lover and finds her calling. Yule gives us two stories in one: A young couple having their first child and a local coven celebrating the Winter Solstice. Six more stories, all unique to Laxer’s style and experience follow. Each one will bring the reader a bit closer to Nature and to Spirit. Suitable for Pagans, New Age believers, and even Christians and atheists, this collection of original short stories just might help shed some light on at least one woman’s view of the Wheel of Time.

The writing process of these stories is unique and Laxer explains it in some detail in her interview. Many of these stories take inspiration for Laxer’s own life and from the stories she has been told over the years by friends and family.


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