Get Tribal – God of Drum

51L8ophylxL._SL500_AA280_Every once in a while we get a truly epic CD for use on Murphy’s Magic Mess and the Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel. God of Drum by Get Tribal is one of those!

God of Drum takes you different look at the chakras, showing the listener how to balance them through music inspired by thunder deities from around the world. Starting with the Root Chakra and the Native American thunder god Wakinyan and traveling through the spirals of these energy center to Indra, the India thunder god at the Spirit Chakra. Ten tracks of amazing drumming will certainly get the blood flowing and the Chakras spinning in an energetic and balanced fashion.

Track 1: Wakinyan, a Native American thunder deity. Channeling the energy of the root chakra to get your journey started. A Lakota deity, depicted as a feathered serpent. A representation of the snake of the kundalini.

Track 2: Loucetious, a Gaelic thunder deity. Igniting the fiery passions of the Sacral Chakra.

Track 3: Lei Shan, a Chinese thunder deity. Releasing the blockages of the Dantien  Chakra, located just below the naval, the source of the vital energy of life.

Track 4: Donnar, a Norse thundering god. This piece awakens the Solar Plexus, where intention meets passion and will.

Track 5: Taranis, a  Celtic thunder deity, sometimes equated with Jupiter. The Heart Chakra is where this one resides, healing the strings of the heart with both drum and flute.

Track 6: Xango, an African thunder god, also known as Chango. It is through the Throat Chakra that we reveal ourselves to the world, through words and vibration. Through chant and drum, this piece polishes the mirror through which we reflect the world.

Track 7: Adad, a Babylonian thunder deity. Adad opens the Brow Chakra or the Third Eye. Opening us to the awareness of that which is seen and unseen.

Track 8: Teshub, a thunder god from Anatolia. Teshub dwells in the Crown Chakra where kundalini rises to Shakti and marries Shiva – realizing our boundaries and over coming them. East meets West in this piece.

Track 9: Chaac, this Mayan deity of thunder represents the Soul Star Chakra. This energy spiral helps us to see the truth of our life’s traumas – past and present, from the perspective of the soul.

Track 10: Indra, the Indian god of thunder brings us to the Spirit Chakra. It is through the spirit that we see all that is, was, and ever shall be. Indra’s energy brings us that awareness through the chant of “Om”, the universal sound of shanti.

Whether your use the Chakras as a means to bring balance and inspiration to your life or you just enjoy some good drumming music, God of Drum will definitely find a home in your music collection. At the Mess we have been playing tracks since its arrival in our collection late 2013.


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