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Hisses & Wings, a short story by Bledsoe & Frohock

You should all know by now that I enjoy a good read. Long books, short books, essays, poetry and even short fiction. One off my newest favorite authors joined forces with another author I had not heard of before and put out a short story combining two of their worlds. Alex Bledsoe, author of the Tufa Tales and other books, and T. Frohock published their collaborative short fiction e-book in December 2014. Just in time for Yule. I of course made sure to get it. Bledsoe’s Tufa stories are just too good not to read and I was intrigued by the idea behind Frohock’s Los Nefilim.

In Hisses & Wings we meet a young Tufa who has discovered a buried secret, a literal broken record.  She pieces it back together and is inspired to pursue the message of the long dead Tufa who made the recording. She takes flight one night on  the dark winds and winds up across the Atlantic – just following the music.  There she meets  Los Nefilim and is challenged to a musical duel…

It’s a short piece, so I don’t want to go into any more detail about the story. Just suffice to say that I devoured it in one sitting and was wanting to read more! Bledsoe’s novels are my pile of must-read and Frohock’s works are quickly finding their way there as well.

H&W is available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble. You can follow the link attached to the cover on this page to find direct links through Frohock’s page. A very nice way to get acquainted with both authors without too much commitment, though I dare say you will want more!

A little background that shouldn’t spoil the fun: The Tufa, Tuatha de Dannan who have relocated to the Appalachian region of the Southern U.S., and Los Nefilim, a band of Spanish Nephilim, have one distinct thing in common. Both races derive their magic through music. H&W brings that to life in a brief, yet vivid, tale that this reader personally enjoyed. I’ll let you read the short story and decide for yourself if you want to read more. I know I do!


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The Aetheric Artifacts by Wendy Callahan

Right after finishing Daniel Ottalini‘s steampunk novels that I wrote about in an earlier post, I dived head first into the works of Wendy Callahan. Ms Callahan is another steampunk novelist.  She’s also somewhat local to me in Nebraska. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have come across Ottalini’s  Roman steampunk.

Reader’s comments: “Warehouse 13 meets Sherlock Holmes.”

“Wild Wild West meets Sherlock Holmes.”

I’d go so far as to say that Friday the 13th (the series) meets Sherlock Holmes.

Callahan combines action, adventure, and romance with hints of the paranormal to grab the reader’s attention. Set in the late 19th Century, her stories of Demetra Ashdown and her companions will appeal to Anglophiles and fans of Victorian romance, as well as the steampunk fans out there.

I’ll give you just a little background: Demetra Ashdown is the daughter of an inventor. She’s half Aetheral, a race of beings who can trace their bloodlines to the ancient gods. There are Infernals and Celestials. Demetra has a close-knit bunch of companions, including her human father, Lord Francis Winterton – the man who broke her heart (The Gilded Gun), her best friend Simon Warom, and her half Infernal aunt Verti (The Daemon Device and The Enigma Engine). Through her adventures she meets such intriguing and historical figures as Samuel Mathers and Elizabeth Bathory (The Chronos Clock).


Wendy Callahan

Reading the collection as an omnibus I had the pleasure of reading everything in story line order. Callahan wrote The Chronos Clock and other works before she did the prequel that starts the omnibus, The Gilded Gun. Reading them from the beginning gave me a wonderful introduction to the author’s writing style. Sometimes simple, but rarely simplistic. Any sophomoric tendencies in her writing are more than made up for with her accurate use of Victorian era social niceties and etiquette.

Simply put, each and every one of these stories from Callahan will grab you and drag you willingly through the escapades of Demetra and her companions. Along the way you will learn about her own special abilities and those other Aetherals she encounters, get a history lesson in the mythos and the fact of Celestials and Infernals, and take a journey through the 1890’s landscape of the United States. You’ll also plumb the depths of romance between Demetra and Francis and the unrequited love that can come out of a life long friendship.

I’d go into details on each story, but I’d hate to spoil the read for you. Suffice it to say that you will be entertained throughout the read of each story.

From an editor’s stand point, the book had very few if any continuity flaws. As is usual with just about any ebook edition I have ever read there are a few errors in formatting and some apparent typos that escaped the editor’s notice. Over all they were not very distracting.

I’m looking forward to reading more from Wendy Callahan in the future. Perhaps some fantasy or even steampunk erotica.

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