Lammas Night, a mini review

Many years ago I came across Katherine Kurtz and her books. In particular, Lammas Night sticks out in my mind. It is a book that I go back to time and time again. Usually right around this time of year. Probably the title. *wry grin*

The book is partially based on fact. Though Kurtz takes large artistic license with what facts she represents in the book. Not just the bits of history from World War II and the British monarchy of the time, but exploring the connection between the throne and the land throughout British history.

Let’s put it this way… Kurtz takes a page from the history books about the supposed witch crafting that repelled the Spanish Armada and applies that to the WWII contemporary story of Dion Fortune and several other magical practitioners of her time doing a similar working to repel the Nazi’s. Combine that with unexpected change in the order of succession of the British royal family and flashes to the past and Thomas Becket’s role in the repulsion of the Spanish Armada and you’ve got quite the story.

What we do know for sure about the planned Nazi invasion is that the skies suddenly clouded over, a heavy fog covered the land and the Nazis were unable to land as planned. Whether Dion Fortune and her contemporaries had anything to do with it is anyone’s guess. Katherine Kurtz takes to that idea and more.

Lammas Night takes you on a journey through a war-torn country with elements of magic and politics. She certainly knows how to tell a story, and one that is believable. With elements of past lives and reincarnation, royal intrigue, and references to Hitler’s occult leanings, this book is sure to capture the imagination of anyone, particularly those with a fascination for British history and the World War II era.

Kurtz has a flare for magical drama, check out her Deryni and Camber series.


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