Iron Tribune, Roman Steampunk by Daniel Ottalini

Iron Tribune - Daniel OttaliniAbout a year and a half ago I stumbled across Daniel Ottalini during an online Steampunk writers’ convention being conducted on Facebook. I was intrigued by his story lines for Steampunk set in Rome. Being the voracious reader that I am, I quickly obtained (legal) digital copies of the first two books in his Roman series and commenced to reading them. You can read my review of those first two novels in the series here.

I was very pleased, and somewhat surprised, when Daniel asked me to read the third book in the Steam Empire Chronicles, in advance of book four coming out this year. Apparently he liked how I reviewed his earlier works in the series and wanted my continued review-input to be available for his reader- and fan-base. I just finished Iron Tribune on May 1st. Before diving into my review, let me just say that I am looking forward to book four, Steel Praetorian.

Iron Tribune continues the story of Julius, Constantine, and Alexandros as they find themselves being promoted through the ranks of the Roman military and facing the battles that those promotions can entail, both physically and politically. The story also builds on Marciena, Julius’s little sister, and her fostering with the Senatora. Loaded with political intrigue, military tactics, and some homespun feel good back stories, this third installment in the Steam Empire Chronicles won’t disappoint readers one bit.

In this third installment the heroes find themselves gaining on life. Julius finds love in the unlikeliest of places, Constantine assumes the mantel of the heir apparent, and Alexandros overcomes an obstacle he never thought he could surmount. Along the way they get themselves into all kinds of trouble – war, assassination attempts, substandard military weapons and gear – you name it and they just might have to deal with it. Oh, and did I forget to mention that new characters get introduced that will keep you guessing as to what Ottalini has planned for his intrepid Legionnaires?

With all due respect to the genre of historical fiction, Ottalini’s Steampunk revisioning of the Roman Empire will keep you wanting more.  The political intrigue alone is enough to make this reader want to snatch up book four when it comes out. But don’t let that be the only thing that grabs at you!


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