RevKess host picture 1RevKess, known by many as Philipp Kessler,  is one of the hosts on the Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel. He co-hosts Pagan-Musings Podcast with KaliSara, co-hosts the Pagan Weekly News with Zaracon, hosts Musica Pagani and manages all of the information of the Channel and does most of the engineering. He also co-hosts Murphy’s Magic Mess with Murf and Kate and Lavender Hill with Corwin on KZUM in Lincoln, Ne.

He also is co-owner of Pangaia Metaphysical Store, an online new age and metaphysical bookstore that caters to all flavors of spirituality with a focus on the occult mysteries and education of the general public. Along with Pangaia, he is co-founder and international facilitator of the Pagan Alliance Network, an international Pagan networking organization with more than 15 years of history.

Due to all of his exposure to the public and the kindness of authors and musicians he receives multiple CDs and books a month for review and consideration for various programming, sale in the store or use for educational purposes. With the vast amounts of books and music that come his way he thought it would be very fitting to begin writing reviews of these works. Thus the birth of RevKess’s Reviews.

Authors and musicians who are interested in having their works reviewed on this site are encouraged to contact RevKess.

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