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Galdrakraft – Soul Magic, a music review

Rarely do I find a talented author who is also a talented musician. That has occurred with Kaedrich Olsen. Kaedrich is the author of Runes for Transformation: Using Ancient Symbols to Change Your Life. He has taken some of the concepts from that book and put them into this debut Galdrakraft CD, Soul Magic. Both works are inspiring for entirely different reasons! Continue reading


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Asha from AO Music

One of the joys of working in broadcast radio is getting advance copies of new releases. AO Music has sent along three CDs over the years, including this newest album from them. Asha is slated for official release on April 7, 2017. I am happy to have gotten a copy a month ahead of time. It just arrive din my mail box today!

I popped the CD into my player as I sat down to work on one of my writing projects. I was distracted a bit from writing because of the new music. It was mesmerizing in a way. A firm basis in one style with a myriad of influences from around the globe. Just a look at the track list should give you an idea of what I mean.

Starting out with what sounds like a purely Asian or Indian inspired track and moving asha tracksaround the globe into Africa and South America before winding up in the Gaelic countries, this collection of beautiful music will take you on a journey that is both inspiring and relaxing. The vocals are those of adults and children. AO Music likes to work with children’s choirs where ever they go to record.

I was a little surprised that Though We Are Here Now sounded more Gaelic than Gaelic Medley. Not that I was taken aback. Oh, no. I enjoyed both tracks. Just that it threw me for a bit of a loop. Had double-check to make sure I hadn’t gotten tracks confused. Ha!

Over all I was quite happy to add this CD to my new age music collection. Can I compare it to anything else? Can I compare it to their previous releases? Sure, I can do that. But it wouldn’t really do them justice. Comparing to their earlier releases is easier. Hokulea was the first of their albums that made it very evident to me that they enjoy working with young singers. The tracks on that CD are filled with joy and happiness. …And Love Rages On! is filled with that sense of love that the title mentions. But Asha is on its own something of beauty and inspiration. I’ll be listening to this album for a while, enjoying the moods that it stirs within my heart and soul as well as using it to relax and journey forward in my every day life.

Asha is AO Music’s first release under their new signed label Abbeywood Records. Visit their site to see more artists.

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Get Tribal – God of Drum

51L8ophylxL._SL500_AA280_Every once in a while we get a truly epic CD for use on Murphy’s Magic Mess and the Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel. God of Drum by Get Tribal is one of those!

God of Drum takes you different look at the chakras, showing the listener how to balance them through music inspired by thunder deities from around the world. Starting with the Root Chakra and the Native American thunder god Wakinyan and traveling through the spirals of these energy center to Indra, the India thunder god at the Spirit Chakra. Ten tracks of amazing drumming will certainly get the blood flowing and the Chakras spinning in an energetic and balanced fashion.

Track 1: Wakinyan, a Native American thunder deity. Channeling the energy of the root chakra to get your journey started. A Lakota deity, depicted as a feathered serpent. A representation of the snake of the kundalini.

Track 2: Loucetious, a Gaelic thunder deity. Igniting the fiery passions of the Sacral Chakra.

Track 3: Lei Shan, a Chinese thunder deity. Releasing the blockages of the Dantien  Chakra, located just below the naval, the source of the vital energy of life.

Track 4: Donnar, a Norse thundering god. This piece awakens the Solar Plexus, where intention meets passion and will.

Track 5: Taranis, a  Celtic thunder deity, sometimes equated with Jupiter. The Heart Chakra is where this one resides, healing the strings of the heart with both drum and flute.

Track 6: Xango, an African thunder god, also known as Chango. It is through the Throat Chakra that we reveal ourselves to the world, through words and vibration. Through chant and drum, this piece polishes the mirror through which we reflect the world.

Track 7: Adad, a Babylonian thunder deity. Adad opens the Brow Chakra or the Third Eye. Opening us to the awareness of that which is seen and unseen.

Track 8: Teshub, a thunder god from Anatolia. Teshub dwells in the Crown Chakra where kundalini rises to Shakti and marries Shiva – realizing our boundaries and over coming them. East meets West in this piece.

Track 9: Chaac, this Mayan deity of thunder represents the Soul Star Chakra. This energy spiral helps us to see the truth of our life’s traumas – past and present, from the perspective of the soul.

Track 10: Indra, the Indian god of thunder brings us to the Spirit Chakra. It is through the spirit that we see all that is, was, and ever shall be. Indra’s energy brings us that awareness through the chant of “Om”, the universal sound of shanti.

Whether your use the Chakras as a means to bring balance and inspiration to your life or you just enjoy some good drumming music, God of Drum will definitely find a home in your music collection. At the Mess we have been playing tracks since its arrival in our collection late 2013.

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Lia Scallon


My introduction to Lia Scallon was with the beautiful and ethereal CD Crystal Keys: Songs to Awaken & Heal. Each piece, titles after one of ten semi-precious stones, takes through an instrumental meditation of the essence of those stones. Starting with the Pearl and continues through Sapphire, Amethyst, Smokey Quartz, Citrine, Clear Quartz, Emerald, Ruby, Gold, and ending with Diamond. Each of these stones, these pieces of beautiful music, will take you deeper within yourself and give you healing and enlightenment. Use them individually or together as a meditation and you just  might experience some of what it was like in ancient Egypt, Atlantis or Lumeria.

A sample of that experience can be garnered through this video for the track Citrine: 

luminous pearlIn 2013 Lia sent me a copy of her CD The Luminous Pearl: Songs of Mystery, Beauty and Light, continuing with the theme of Crystal Keys, Luminous takes you deeper into the experience of the Pearl. With a distinctly Asian flavor to the tracks, Luminous reveals another ancient side to the Pearl.

Combining her ethereal voice and instruments, Lia’s talents take you deep into the Pearl and its meaning for each listener. Like all meditations, your personal journey with this CD is just that – Your personal journey. The light, the mystery, the beauty of the Pearl and of yourself will come to light in this wonderful CD.

At the time of this posting, I have not been able to find any decent full length videos of any of the music offered on this CD. Perhaps it is time that I create one for myself. That said, enjoy the music and keep opening yourself to new and different styles of music!

Note to the reader: Click on the images and you can visit Lia’s website and purchase CD’s direct from her. As a further note: I should thank Lia Scallon once again for the lovely gift she sent me last winter, a gorgeous and blessed pearl.


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Frenchy and the Punk – Elephant Uproar

Once known as The Gypsy Nomads, Frenchy and the Punk have been making music and magic for some time, both solo and together. I’ve had the joy of seeing them live at a local coffee house and I’ve had the pleasure to interview them for my music podcast, Musica Pagani.

Elephant Uproar is their 2013 release, and it is quite the CD. Mainly a drumming CD, but with a distinctly cabaret style to the drumming. Not quite what I was expecting when the CD promotion started. But I am not disappointed!

They launched the CD while at one of the many conventions they travel to. Steampunk, Sci-Fi, all kinds of conventions. Their launch video was Rock, Paper, Scissors – a favorite game and something that you might recall being augmented through the popular TV series Big Bang Theory. MAYBE you’ll hear that tune being played someday on that or another TV show. From what I could tell, the fans loved the song and they certainly seem to love Sam and Scott!

You may recognize a tune or two from earlier releases by F&P or their former name Gypsy Nomads, but from a purely instrumental perspective each piece is unique unto itself.

Take a dance with a Matador in the first track followed by an honoring of the divine Isis in track two. With track three you’ll go on a Carnival ride while playing  Rock, Paper, Scissors (lizard, Spock) with number four. The title track at position #5 will take you for a ride on the Orient Express and then you will settle down with the Dust and the Sand of the Caravan in track seven. The Blacksmith  in #8 will take you a merry Chase (#9) for the Celtic Sprite (#10) and finally you will rest with the Specter in the final track as you contemplate the Forest and the Sea.

1. Nevermore The Matador
2. Isis Rising
3. Carnival
4. Rock Paper Scissors
5. Elephant Uproar
6. Orient Express
7. Dust and Sand In The Caravan
8. Blacksmith
9. The Chase
10. The Celtic Sprite
11. Specter Of The Forest And Sea


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Primordial Sonics – David Vito Gregoli

I just love it when I get introduced to a musician! David Vito Gregoli, or Vito Gregoli as some know him, is a master of music. The first of his CDs I heard was Primodorial Sonics. And let me tell you, I’m eager for more!

Combing several genres of music, this new age master piece will amaze the listener. From Raga to Raggae, Vito takes you for a jaunt inside the primordial being that all of us. Categorized on CDBaby as New Age: Ethnic Fusion, this disc is definitely a fusion of multiple styles and a trip around the world of aboriginal music. You might recognize some of the tracks as something else, like the first track “Rag Klem”. “Rag Klem” is a re-orchestration of “My Darling Clementine”. Fusing his experience over decades of music, Vito combines classic rock styles with the aboriginal sounds of India, Australia and the Middle East.

This kind of fusion is a personal favorite of mine, it brings a depth to the music that just isn’t there when a musician limits themselves to just one cultural influence. Having received this in my collection around Midsummer last year, it is fitting for me to add the review this Midsummer weekend. I’m certainly enjoying revisiting the music of Vito Gregoli!

Nominated  for the 2013 Best Chill/Groove Album by Zone Music Reporter, Vito’s CD is a truly groovy CD to chill out with. At KZUM‘s Murphy’s Magic Mess we enjoyed playing it during the summer of 2013 and kept it in our rotation for the rest of the year.

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Deep Theta 2.0

Photo – Michael Owen Baker – Staff Photographer

I often receive new age instrumentals in the mail. Everything from Paradiso & Rasamayi to ambient sounds from artists like Aetopus. In August I got a copy of Steven Halpern’s Deep Theta 2.0.

Halpern’s music style has been called “brainwave entertainment”. With his first album released in 1975, Chakra Suite, he set the stage for a new sub-genre in new age instrumental music. Focusing on the brain is something that many musicians have been doing since the 70’s. Dr. Michael Brant DeMaria is a prime example of that. But let’s focus on Halpern in this review. It is about his newest release, after all.

Deep Theta 2.0: Brainwave Entertainment Music for Meditation and Healing: With bamboo flutes and keyboards, Halpern takes you into a unique brainwave state on the Theta level. 2.0 is a Deep Theta 2.0 - Steven Halperncompanion to his earlier release of Deep Alpha. Both put the listener into the proper state for deep relaxation and better mental health.

Each track is titled Deep Theta 2.0. In 13 parts you have the opportunity relax, mediate, or go into a deep sleep. Thought the track titles might not be very creative, the music is. The bamboo flutes trigger a mental response that is only found through that instrument. A silver flute, a wood flute, just about any other flute has a different mental response. Where the bamboo flute takes a person is so much different from other types that it cannot be explained in words.

The keyboards are a simple, yet evocative, addition to the musical theme. They take one step deeper into your relaxation.

I’ve personally found this CD, and others by Halpern, to be a good way to calm the nerves and relax the body. His music has aided me in avoiding the need for medication for my blood pressure. Though I would caution any blood pressure patient to seek medical advice and not use music as the sole means of controlling the issue. I’ve also found that the music inspires me to write and to take a a moment or several to enjoy what is going on around me.

Like most other new age instrumental music, I would suggest that you not listen to Steven Halpern’s CDs while driving. The mental state the music puts you into is deeply relaxing and can distract from driving and other attention intensive activities. But if you are wanting to relax, meditate or have a good night’s sleep – even a short nap, this kind of music is perfect for that.

As a radio host, I do find it a challenge to find instrumental music of this kind that works on the radio. Not only because many of my listeners may be on the road and I do not want to distract them from driving, but because many new age instrumentalists have low notes, slow notes, or even silent notes (pauses) in their compositions. That doesn’t work with radio very well. However, for internet broadcasting it is nearly ideal.

Take a listen to the first track from Steven Halpern’s Deep Theta 2.0 in this YouTube video: 

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