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The Clincher – a surprise in metal

I do love to go to festivals. Pagan festivals. Gay Pride Festivals. Just about any kind of festival is full of fun and excitement. A couple of weeks ago I went to Star City Pride in Lincoln, NE. I was there representing KZUM radio and Lavender Hill. Like many festivals that one might attend, there was live music and performers on the  main stage. Drag queen and kings, live vocalists and all  manner of performances and speakers were up on that stage. One of those performers was an Omaha, NE based metal band called The Clincher.

The Clincher

I’m not a huge fan of heavy metal, but I do like some bands. The Clincher is turning out to be one of those bands. Female fronted (lesbian lead vocalist) and comprised mostly of women from the Omaha area, this band has a sound that is distinctly metal, but definitely their own. I’m just trying to figure out how I managed to not hear of them before Star City Pride 2013.

The women (I almost said gals, but thought better of it) of The Clincher were over at the Pride booth after their stage performance to meet with fans, giveaway CDs and other swag. I wondered over there and had a brief little chat with them. Not the easiest thing in the world to do with another live performance on stage and being right across from that stage and its speakers. But we did have a little time to visit. They gave me a copy of their 2009 The Clincher - The Sickness is Evolvingrelease “The Sickness is Evolving“. They have three other CDs available: “Blood on the Moon”, ” Devil Scense and Beauty Queens” and their self-titled “The Clincher”. I just might have to add these other CDs to my collection.

If you aren’t a fan of metal it is hard to describe and grasp The Clincher. Like most metal they have some lines in the songs that are “screamed” into the mic or sent through a voice processor that almost blurs the lyrics. Unlike some of the metal I have tried to listen, The Clincher does have lyrics that are easy to understand.  Believe it or not, many of their songs are songs of love, life, and joy. Hard to understand when you are hearing screeching sounds and heavy bass. I do encourage you to give it a try if you are looking to expand your listening horizons.

The song “Imperfect Form” is my favorite from “Sickness” and will be featured on an upcoming edition of Lavender Hill.  The lyrics talk about the beauty of each individual, the beauty that is underneath the surface. “You are beautiful in your own way….let the rain fall down on that beautiful imperfect form….wash away the pain reveal what lies within….”

Just goes to show, you should listen to the lyrics of a song. Even if the music is not your usual style, take a deeper listen to the words.


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